Return to Innocence (1993)

It’s been awhile since I last posted anything here for the apparent reason because I’d already graduated from this class and there’s no pressure or whatsoever for me to do weekly reviews.

But it occurred to me lately that there’s a lot of great movies out there besides what is shown in class that is not reviewed. So I thought it would be great to post movies once awhile here just for sharing, improving my movie review skills, and also avoid myself from forgetting all these psychology theories that I’d learnt for the past three years.

Also, thanks to this class (PSY307 : Psychology of Film) I am now able to enjoy movies in a whole new level, critically appraise and appreciate its contents based on what I’d learnt. If you happen to be a third year B(Hons) Psychology student at HELP University, I highly recommend this class: provided you attend classes, participate in discussions and assignments and do your weekly reviews. You learn very different things from the ordinary electives that is offered and most interestingly, keeps you thinking!

And because I enjoyed watching film that cognitively impact to so much, I would like to share this one very old video clip that I’d watched during my national camp years. This clip was shown during one of the religious service that we’re all forced to attend.

Like many other trainees (national campers), we’re laughing our way throughout the clip because it a filmed in backwards. You see pears falling sticking back to trees instead falling down, scissors joining hair back together and people spitting water back into bottle, etc. It was quite hilarious and absurd to see everything all goes against the natural law of gravity and process of aging. We did not took the film seriously until the review session when the elder brothers interpreted the content of the film. And guess what. All trainees cried (even the toughest male trainee) that day after the review session. The interpretation impacted everyone in a whole new level altogether. It caught me thinking quite awhile, to the point of mild depression several months later (I suspect, but no kidding!) for its deepness of thought that I’d gone into.

It took me a long long time before I get to retrieve this movie again. I wanted to watch this movie quite sometime already, but I didn’t know its name and all. It was quite difficult to find, until today. I FINALLY get a hold for this clip. It happened to be one of Enigma’s music video while I was trying to find “aging backwards” as my keyword prompted from the Curious Case of Benjamin Button which was filmed based on the same concept. I still have this clip streaming on my youtube now. But I am too scared to load it. For its impact that it had on me 6 years ago, despite its hazy now.

I suggest you watch this clip and then only proceed to read on my review below.

Filial Piety

As I recalled, this film is about the concept of life and death. The “backward aging/reverse time” concept in this film, emphasized the natural law of aging that this is how life supposed to be. You were born, raised, get married, sick, get old and eventually die. When things becomes unnatural, the naturally of event becomes obvious. For example, when a woman does not behave in a lady-like manner, the ideal of feminism is emphasized. Well, point is, because things like getting old are so “normal” in our daily life and it is a slow process, we often take granted about our parents’ mortality and assume everything will be “just like this” forever. We forgotten that they mortals who will eventually die and get old – especially to a teenager like me at that time who always deny things-going-to-be-different in my case thinking.

The trainee was also prompted to thinking about which stage their parents were in based on the clip. And how close the are from the frail old man who died under the apple tree. We sometimes forgotten how old they are already. We were also told to imagine how our life would be without them. Well, it struck me then, that time, how vulnerable I am without them. I have no idea how life going to be in their absence. Who will cook my dish, Who will wake me up every morning, Who will pay the bills, Who is now my family? It really got me thinking

It went on to full blown crying spells at night some months later, fearing that one day my parents will leave me – by old age of accident. I wasn’t able to resolve my issue because the forgot to debrief us. How I get over it? Realizing there’s nothing much I can do to reverse or pause time. I did what I could. I make them live life everyday without regretting of not living to the fullest yesterday! :] )

Locus of Control

Aside from that, we were also told to ponder about our lives from the clip. From the short sum up of life from the clip, we learnt that because life’s short and its even shorter if any hiccups occur along the journey. Some may not even make it to old age. We’re told to take charge of our own life. Rather than wait for it to happen, make it happen now. We shouldn’t waste our life hastily, make it happen -NOW.

This is some sort of enlightenment to me that day, especially teenagers like me who always have someone or something to blame about – my parents, my friends, my clothes, etc. Rather than externalizing what can be done to others, I learn about taking my  own responsible from that time forward.

After that session, me and a couple of trainees went back home having more discussion about the short clip. Owh, I thought that day’s session was indeed amazing!

The lyrics for you to ponder….

Return to Innocence – Enigma

That’s not the beginning of the end

That’s the return to yourself

The return to innocence.












Don’t be afraid to be weak

Don’t be too proud to be strong

Just look into your heart my friend

That will be the return to yourself


The return to innocence.

If you want, then start to laugh

If you must, then start to cry

Be yourself don’t hide


Just believe in destiny.

Don’t care what people say

Just follow your own way

Don’t give up and use the chance


To return to innocence.

That’s not the beginning of the end

That’s the return to yourself

The return to innocence.


Don’t care what people say

Follow just your own way

Follow just your own way

Don’t give up, don’t give up


To return, to return to innocence.

If you want then laugh

If you must then cry


Be yourself don’t hide

Just believe in destiny

I guess that was my first time pondering so deeply about motion pictures. Now, equipped with these knowledge that I have in college, I guess I am able to appreciate them even more. Stay tuned for my next review!

Before I sign off, make this an assignment for yourself: Collect courage to say “I love YOU mom/dad”  in this weekend if you hadn’t done so, or it’s been awhile since you say this to them. Express your gratitude and  they’ll feel appreciated and loved in return!

Happy Father’s Day!


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