Gandhi (1982)

Yes, I know. Perhaps I should include another P for Procrastinating! But I have been so busy with my assignments and exams (with two open book exam on the same day) and I really want to write a good piece of review on Gandhi! Since everyone is busy preparing for their open book exam, I … Continue reading

Departures a.k.a おくりびと (2008)

Departures (2008) depicts the a journey of an unemployed cellist, to gain acceptance from himself and the society who took mortician as his career. This film won the Best Foreign Language Film at the 81st Academy Awards and multiple of positive reviews, took 10 years in the making upon its completion. In order to reflect … Continue reading

No reviews for this week

I’m truly sorry about this. But I promise to make up for next week – with two movie reviews! Which is The Departure (2008) and Gandhi (1980) that both won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Film and Best Picture respectively. Both are really good films which I want to spend more time thinking and … Continue reading