Sybil (1976)

  Sybil was filmed based on a true story about a woman who suffered from dissociative identify disorder (DID) that is deeply rooted from her childhood abuse. The movie portray Sybil as a kindergarden teacher who experienced several amnesic episodes that later prompted her to visit Dr. Wilbur. Initially diagnosed with hysteria, Dr Wilbur soon … Continue reading

The Fisher King (1991)

In the film, Robin Williams plays Parry, a teacher who becomes mentally ill after he witnessed his wife being killed in a restaurant massacre. Unable to recuperate from the tragic incident, Perry becomes a deluded homeless man. He believes that he is a knight sent by God on a sacred quest. He often hallucinates that … Continue reading

The Sixth Sense (1999)

Last week’s movie screening was Sixth Sense. It was a horror film about a boy with the ability to see and communicate with the dead. With the help of his counsellor, the boy finally manages to overcome his fear by putting his ability to use through helping the dead fulfilling their last wishes. The movie … Continue reading