Mississippi Burning (1988)

This film was portrayed based on a real-life crime incident involves the murders of three civil rights workers in the U.S state of Mississippi in 1964.The plot of the film surrounded on the search for these missing persons as well as the culprit of the crime (that was perpetrated by the members of the Klu … Continue reading

What you don’t know about marriage (Jenna McCarthy)

An interesting talk that I come across today while browsing on TED to write up my next movie review. Watch Here This talk is a follow up prediction of marriage that will either end up happy or divorced from different perspective based on other studies about marriages such as whether: the wife is thinner than … Continue reading

Forget Paris (1995)

Unlike to common romance movies that usually end with “happily ever after” scene where the courtship stage is the ultimate focus of the storyline, it’s all about the chemistry, the guy finally meets the right girl at the right place, got married and finally ends with snippets of their life after they got married (honeymoon, … Continue reading

Whale Rider (2002)

Summary The plot of this film revolves around the struggles of a Maori community in finding a successor to lead the tribe. As depicted in the film,this group of indigenous people who were once warriors who fought in wars and survived the voyage of the seas, were now loosing their battles in preserving their tribal’s pride … Continue reading