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    Hello. I'm a Psychology student at HELP University College. This blog is initially created as a partial assignment for PSY307 Psychology of Film during my last semester with HELP. During that semester, every student would have to write a piece of review based on psychology theories/concept that we'd previously learned on weekly basis. This blog discusses about the application of such concept or the accuracy of such portrayal in these motion pictures.
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Return to Innocence (1993)

It’s been awhile since I last posted anything here for the apparent reason because I’d already graduated from this class and there’s no pressure or whatsoever for me to do weekly reviews. But it occurred to me lately that there’s a lot of great movies out there besides what is shown in class that is … Continue reading

Gandhi (1982)

Yes, I know. Perhaps I should include another P for Procrastinating! But I have been so busy with my assignments and exams (with two open book exam on the same day) and I really want to write a good piece of review on Gandhi! Since everyone is busy preparing for their open book exam, I … Continue reading

Departures a.k.a おくりびと (2008)

Departures (2008) depicts the a journey of an unemployed cellist, to gain acceptance from himself and the society who took mortician as his career. This film won the Best Foreign Language Film at the 81st Academy Awards and multiple of positive reviews, took 10 years in the making upon its completion. In order to reflect … Continue reading

No reviews for this week

I’m truly sorry about this. But I promise to make up for next week – with two movie reviews! Which is The Departure (2008) and Gandhi (1980) that both won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Film and Best Picture respectively. Both are really good films which I want to spend more time thinking and … Continue reading

Sybil (1976)

  Sybil was filmed based on a true story about a woman who suffered from dissociative identify disorder (DID) that is deeply rooted from her childhood abuse. The movie portray Sybil as a kindergarden teacher who experienced several amnesic episodes that later prompted her to visit Dr. Wilbur. Initially diagnosed with hysteria, Dr Wilbur soon … Continue reading

The Fisher King (1991)

In the film, Robin Williams plays Parry, a teacher who becomes mentally ill after he witnessed his wife being killed in a restaurant massacre. Unable to recuperate from the tragic incident, Perry becomes a deluded homeless man. He believes that he is a knight sent by God on a sacred quest. He often hallucinates that … Continue reading

The Sixth Sense (1999)

Last week’s movie screening was Sixth Sense. It was a horror film about a boy with the ability to see and communicate with the dead. With the help of his counsellor, the boy finally manages to overcome his fear by putting his ability to use through helping the dead fulfilling their last wishes. The movie … Continue reading

Mississippi Burning (1988)

This film was portrayed based on a real-life crime incident involves the murders of three civil rights workers in the U.S state of Mississippi in 1964.The plot of the film surrounded on the search for these missing persons as well as the culprit of the crime (that was perpetrated by the members of the Klu … Continue reading

What you don’t know about marriage (Jenna McCarthy)

An interesting talk that I come across today while browsing on TED to write up my next movie review. Watch Here This talk is a follow up prediction of marriage that will either end up happy or divorced from different perspective based on other studies about marriages such as whether: the wife is thinner than … Continue reading

Forget Paris (1995)

Unlike to common romance movies that usually end with “happily ever after” scene where the courtship stage is the ultimate focus of the storyline, it’s all about the chemistry, the guy finally meets the right girl at the right place, got married and finally ends with snippets of their life after they got married (honeymoon, … Continue reading